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Ohkay. So the orbital song goes ‘even a stopped clock keeps the right time twice a day.’

What I want to know is how the heisenberg principle effects this. My understanding is that no clock keeps the right time. Due to the fact that the very moment you realize what the clock is telling you, it’s already not that time. There’s a fine event horizon between before and after. So, when is ‘now?’

On a similar note. I’d like to put out a personal hypothesis of mine. This is based on no research. So, bear it with a salt mine.

It is my understanding that people researching quantum physics are still looking at the action and reaction of physical objects in our material universe. As I see it, though, the study isn’t on these particles and photons and whatnot. But, on the study of results themselfs.

In this universe of chaos, there is no cause or effect, only motion. As I study zen and magick, I’ve come to notice that a lot of the problems pondered by quantum physicists seem to fall into the grasps of the two aformentioned practices. A result is not created, it is found through cognitive thinking. 2+2 would never equal 4 unless there was someone there to agree with the equation. An orange plus an apple would never equal ‘V8 Splash’ withought our minds’ ability to associate a higher function of all the atoms that comprise the matter in front of us. (Please note that ‘higher’ does not mean ‘better’)

With our minds and our imagination, we have the ability to create what we see. A bundle of logs fasioned in a certain way could be a house or a boat or another thing. Depending on our personal wants, we determine what result best fits the example in front of us. Flip a house upside down and throw it in a lake. It’s roof might hold it afloat for a little while.

A friend of mine, Anthony, coined a phrase that comes up now and again for me: “The moment you think of something, it’s already too little.” I see the same reasoning can apply to something being ‘too big.’ This is to say that a human mind has trouble seeing something for what it is. It instead pulls together it’s best interpretation of what it wants something to be.

I am going in far too deep with this monologue. I’d ask of you to take this in and see where it brings you. Try to realize as I do that there is no central cause to anything. Thus any result is possible. Things will still be as they are. But, how you use them will effect a great many things.

Please let me know where you think I’m going with this. I’m simply trying to write a belief withought straying too far into ‘wrong’ or ‘right’

-- MrBlaQ
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