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A few things.

I’d just like to say that MagneticOne is a horrible incompetent company ran by idiots. Their “All-in-One Product Feeds” software is junior league at best.

The purpose of the product is to help streamline the creation of RSS product feeds for multiple online shopping websites. There’s over 25 different feed types you can create including Bing, Google, Yahoo, and I’ll say they did a good job of making a very basic application that works within the constraints of a very basic Zen Cart store. However, if you want to throw option value attributes into the mix (ex: A selection of colors for a perticular clothing item,) you’ll find yourself in a jam. As it stands you get one of two options. One product listed with no price. Or, multiple products (each color) each with the exact same title. The second option might work for some. But, as an example, imagine having a product with multiple colors to choose from, and a text entry box for a custom graphic or stencil design. You’ll end up with a titles such as “Hanes white tee TEXT” “Hanes black tee TEXT” “Hanes red tee TEXT.” The “TEXT” string represents the empty text input box on the checkout form. Why they think an empty field should be listed in the title of the item is beyond me.

I also find it odd that the title customization is so weak. All you’re able to do is add a prefix or suffix to the item title as defined in the Zen Cart catalog. This info is selectable from a drop-down list of all the columns in the product table. This is another half solution on their part. If my product title in the catalog was “DJM-800″ I wouldn’t be able to easily have it say “StyleFlip Pioneer DJM-800 Customized Skin Decal.” That’s three columns of additional information; the static “StyleFlip,” the dynamic item brand, and the static “Customized Skin Decal.” on the end. It would be much better had they implemented a tag alias system wherein I could pull any amount of info into the title. I imagine a custom title field I could fill with values as such: “StyleFlip Customized Skin Decal.”

And then, on to the real reason I’m going on and on about a PHP script only a few hundred people in the world will ever use. It’s encrypted, unmodifiable PHP code. There’s no way I can help improve the product and also no chance they’ll ever want my help. Who’d give their own “prized” source code to some stranger on the small promise they’ll actually agree to an NDA, add features, and return the updated code? Obviously, these guys won’t. They’re too busy making a few quick bucks of a half-assed piece of software to care about actually helping people.

-- MrBlaQ
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