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I did it! I re-registered my domain names after over 2 years of downtime. I’m quite surprized neither of my important names were stolen. Let’s hope I can keep them paid this time.

My friend, Jason, mentioned wordpress. And, it seemed quite simple to use. So, having just installed it. I’ve whipped up this first color theme for it. It’s kinda stupid, I’ll be tweaking the hell out of is as time goes by. Don’t bother mentioning any ahtestic issues yet as I’m nowhere near a final decision on any part.

I’ve no direction for this bulletin. As it did before, it will continue to meander in any way I see fit. Don’t expect posts very often. I’m hoping I might be able to import all my old posts from the original liquid hotdog site. I’ll see if I can fish up the documents and get to work on that.

For now, stay tuned.

-- MrBlaQ
Filed under: Main — August 5, 2005 @ 3:18 am
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