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Google AdWords Keyword Insertion

Here’s some incredibly helpful information regarding the capitalization of keyword wild cards in Google’s Adwords ad system.

Hello Dave,

Thank you for your email regarding the capitalization of your keywords when using keyword insertion. There is a way to maintain the first letter capitalization of your keywords when using this tool. The capitalization of the inserted keyword is determined by the format of the word ‘keyword’ within the parameter. Thus if you would like the first letter of each word within your keyword to be capitalized, then you would use {KeyWord:DJ} (notice the capital K and W). Please note that the capitalization format of the word ‘keyword’ does not apply to the default text. Therefore the default text will remain in the same format as it is originally entered. Below is an example of the six possible types of dynamic keyword insertion available:

{keyword:Default Text} = fast red car
{Keyword:Default Text} = Fast red car
{KeyWord:Default Text} = Fast Red Car
{KEYWord:Default Text} = FAST Red Car
{KeyWORD:Default Text} = Fast Red CAR

-- MrBlaQ
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