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JavaScript: Persisting a child window relation accross parents’ reloads.

I came across a fun issue with my pop-up flash mp3 player to be used on our new Vital website (coming soon.) I’ve designed a ‘listen’ button on the main shop website for each audio file preview. When this listen button is clicked on, a pop-up window is opened (if not already) and the flash player loads the respective audio file and begins playing. If a second listen button is clicked, the new track will be added to the existing play list and that track will begin playing. I discovered this method only worked when clicking listen links on the same parent page view. If the parent page is refreshed or a new page of the site is loaded, the reference to the pop-up window is lost. What then happens is any new listen link clicked will cause the pop-up page to reload from scratch and loose the play list. Whatever audio was playing stops, whatever tracks were in the play list are gone. Following, is my solution.


-- MrBlaQ
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Directory and Host based SSL with Apache

So, I needed a way to simply force a user to use an SSL connection on various parts of my website. In this case, whenever they log in: /Login.jspa or when accessing their personal information: /myvv/ I’ve accomplished this by using Apache’s mod_rewrite functionality.


-- MrBlaQ
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FreeBSD MySQL 5.1 to 5.0 Ports Downgrade Problem

Wow, another easy fix that took forever to discover.

I had originally installed MySQL5.1 on my server for testing. When I decided to get clustering working, I decided to downgrade to MySQL 5.0 only to discover the following problem when running /usr/ports/databases/mysql50-server/make”

mysql-server-5.0.45 cannot install: the port wants mysql50-client and you try to install mysql51-client


-- MrBlaQ
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