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Teewars is a free, open source multilayer death match platformer with binaries for
Windows, OSX, and . It’s one of the first OSS games I’ve discovered to actually have a polished graphic design, a rarity in the land of open source.

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I’m quite surprised to see two very prominent sites that use very archaic and insecure password resetting schemes. If you loose your password and request to have it sent to your email, they don’t do what you’d expect from any trustworthy site. They simply send you your original password.

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Complaint Remover to ban LOLCATs from the internet!

I’m a fan of the 1st amendment. I’m also a fan of protecting Google from result poisoning. This is a pretty funny except of someone asking Complaint Remover to help them remove all the LOLCATS references from their search results ;D

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Style Flip

I’ve just launched a new website, We’re creating high quality protective decal stickers to be placed on any sort of electronic gear or otherwise. We’ve started out with DJ equipment and will be expanding into iPods, Laptops, and many other styles of gadgets. Please check it out and email with any comments.


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FreeBSD hlds_l ContentServerBlockingConnection.cpp error

After the latest steam client update, I’d get the following error when attempting to upgrade my Team Fortress 2 server installation:

Expr: ( close( m_pImpl->m_Socket ) ) == 0
Line: 587
File: ../Engine/Src/ContentServerBlockingConnection.cpp
Abort trap (core dumped)

I was able to resolve this problem by adding the following line to my /boot/loader.conf


I then re-mounted my linprocfs and the update proceeded as normal.

-- MrBlaQ
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JavaScript: Persisting a child window relation accross parents’ reloads.

I came across a fun issue with my pop-up flash mp3 player to be used on our new Vital website (coming soon.) I’ve designed a ‘listen’ button on the main shop website for each audio file preview. When this listen button is clicked on, a pop-up window is opened (if not already) and the flash player loads the respective audio file and begins playing. If a second listen button is clicked, the new track will be added to the existing play list and that track will begin playing. I discovered this method only worked when clicking listen links on the same parent page view. If the parent page is refreshed or a new page of the site is loaded, the reference to the pop-up window is lost. What then happens is any new listen link clicked will cause the pop-up page to reload from scratch and loose the play list. Whatever audio was playing stops, whatever tracks were in the play list are gone. Following, is my solution.


-- MrBlaQ
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Directory and Host based SSL with Apache

So, I needed a way to simply force a user to use an SSL connection on various parts of my website. In this case, whenever they log in: /Login.jspa or when accessing their personal information: /myvv/ I’ve accomplished this by using Apache’s mod_rewrite functionality.


-- MrBlaQ
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FreeBSD MySQL 5.1 to 5.0 Ports Downgrade Problem

Wow, another easy fix that took forever to discover.

I had originally installed MySQL5.1 on my server for testing. When I decided to get clustering working, I decided to downgrade to MySQL 5.0 only to discover the following problem when running /usr/ports/databases/mysql50-server/make”

mysql-server-5.0.45 cannot install: the port wants mysql50-client and you try to install mysql51-client


-- MrBlaQ
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Fixing Windows XP File Sharing

I ran into a problem similar to this guy’s as posted over on Computing.Net As far fetched as step two sounds, it actually worked for me. I can now share folders between my Windows XP Pro and my girlfriend’s Windows XP Media Center Edition.


-- MrBlaQ
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Using UPS’s Worldship with myODBC

If you’re setting up a new DSN to use with keyed import in UPS’s Worldship, you may get this error:

“ODBC Source ‘xyz’ is not valid for ‘export’/'import’”

You may need to specify the ID (username) and Password in the Worldship “Select an ODBC source” setup options. Even if you’ve already specified them in the DSN itself.

-- MrBlaQ
Filed under: Coding, Main — April 12, 2007 @ 5:52 pm
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